Arthroplasty Templating Guide

This OsiriX plugin has been designed for orthopedic surgeons. It allows the user to perform a filmless on-screen planification based upon an AP pelvis radiographic projection before the implantation of a hip athroplasty. The plugin, in its actual version, integrates templates for Medacta® hip arthroplasty implants. The plugin gives the surgeon full freedom to select and position the implants himself. The plugin will not in any way make any decisions or influence the choice or position of implants. The choice of implants and their positioning is totally left to the decision of the user. The designers of this plugin take no responsibility regarding any treatment choices linked to the use of this plugin.


Preferably, an AP radiograph centered on the pelvic symphysis is used and opened in the OsiriX viewer window.

When launched, the plugin will activate an interface window offering the sequential steps required to complete the preoperative templating. Steps are supposed to be used in sequence, but a backwards correction or modification is possible. To move from one step to the next, hit the Return key or click on the "Done" button.


The plugin icon can be placed on the viewer toolbar by right-clicking on the viewer toolbar and selecting customize toolbar. We have found it useful, in order to have the preop plan available in the operating room, to also save a copy as a jpg file (hit CMD-SHIFT-E) on a USB key or to simply print the image on paper, if possible using a color printer.