OsiriX Cloud Storage Setup

  1. You need a valid OsiriX Cloud Storage Subscription.
  2. Install the correct version of OsiriX MD (10.0.3 or higher). Contact us if you are not sure.
  3. Launch OsiriX MD.
  4. Open the Preferences from the OsiriX MD menu.
  5. Open the General preferences in the Account section.
    OsiriX MD Account Preferences
  6. Login with your credentials (OsiriX Account). OsiriX can optionally store your credentials in macOS Keychain for future use (see note bellow).
  7. Open the Cloud preferences.
    OsiriX MD Cloud Preferences
  8. Your OsiriX Cloud Storage subscription will be listed in the lower part of the window.
    OsiriX Cloud Storage subscription


At launch, OsiriX MD will ask for your permission to access the system’s Keychain in order to use your Account’s credentials and automatically login to your OsiriX Cloud Storage. It is recommended to click the Always Allow button.


OsiriX Cloud Storage Usage

  1. To access your OsiriX Cloud Storage: open OsiriX MD and select it the Locations area of the Database window.
  2. Drag’n drop studies on your OsiriX Cloud Storage to copy images.
  3. You can access your OsiriX Cloud Storage from different computers.


OsiriX Cloud Storage Management

A dedicated page is available to manage your OsiriX Cloud Storage. You can access it through your account page on OsiriX web site (Cloud tab).

My Account

You can also directly open this page using the cog icon in the Cloud Preferences window of OsiriX MD.

cog icon

In this page, you can see the used and available storage space. And you can also manage users.

More Information

If you need more help, please read our FAQ page or contact us.