BI-RADS Plugin User Manual

This user manual explains how to use the BI-RADS Plugin for OsiriX MD.

  1. Open a mammogram study
  2. Launch the plugin, located in the Plugins menu, in the Report submenu.
  3. 9 types of lesions can be represented:
    Benign Calcifications
    Pleomorphic Calcifications
    Round Circumscribed Mass
    Irregular or Ill-Defined Mass
    Architectural Distortion
    Asymmetrical Density
    Preexisting Mass
  4. For each lesion:

    a) drag and drop a marker on the oblique or craniocaudal view

    b) drag and drop a marker of the same type on the other view (only the possible corresponding segments will be displayed as available).

  5. For each lesion a characterisation can be chosen:
    Highly Suspect
  6. Each lesion is added to the Lesions table, where you can edit the lesion's parameters (type, characterization, size, distance to nipple and comment)
  7. To delete a lesion, drag and drop it outside the diagram or select it in the Lesions table, and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  8. You can then select the ACR density level for the mammogram, write a conclusion for your report, and select the BI-RADS score. Optionally, you can add a recommended following procedure.
  9. To generate a report click on the PDF Report (or DICOM PDF Report) button or on the Create Report button
  10. The resulting report will look like this (click on the image to download the PDF report)