Unleash your computer's power : install OsiriX MD and fully exploit the power of your processors.


OS X 10.8 to OS X 10.10 required !

Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese


OsiriX MD / 64-bit version
Owners of the OsiriX MD or OsiriX 64-bit have to download the new version here:
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Research Use Only
The free 32-bit version does not have FDA 510(k) clearance or CE label for clinical use
in the United States & Europe for primary medical imaging, read this.


Localizations - Translated by
Dutch, by Alexander Henket
French, by Joel Chabriais
German, by Stephan Bender
Japanese, by Hirohisa Fujisawa
Russian, by Nikita Volkov and CIR PACS Team, CIR LLC
Czech, by Jarda Kotěšovec
Spanish, by Jacques Fauquex

Brazilian Portuguese, by Silvio Alessi


License for free & open-source version of OsiriX


OsiriX, being a free open-source software (FOSS), is not certified as a commercial medical device for primary diagnosis. Hence, there are no FDA/CE-1 certifications. In US and Europe, you can only use OsiriX as a reviewing, research or teaching software, not for primary diagnostic, used in clinical worklfow and/or for patient care.

For a FDA/CE version and for a use in medical / clinical environment, please see:
read this.