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Pixmeo SARL is a Swiss company, based in the Geneva area, founded by the original creators of OsiriX, specialized in medical imaging software development and PACS installation and support. Pixmeo is a ISO 13485 certified company, as a medical device manufacturer. The management team is Dr. Antoine Rosset, CEO, and Joris Heuberger, CTO.

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Executive Management

Doctor Antoine Rosset

CEO and OsiriX Guru

Dr. Antoine Rosset is a board-certified Radiologist working at the LaTour Hospital in Geneva, and in the Geneva University Hospital. He received his M.D. from the University of Geneva and worked for over 15 years as a radiologist at the Geneva University Hospital. His subspecialties are thoracic and cardiac imaging. He started the OsiriX project in 2004 during his scholarship at UCLA, California. In 2010, he co-founded Pixmeo, as the company developing and commercializing OsiriX, and the OsiriX Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes medical imaging research.


Joris Heuberger

CTO and Problem Solver

Joris Heuberger is a Math and Computer Sciences major who co-founded Pixmeo and the OsiriX Foundation. He earned his degrees at the University of Geneva and interned at the UCLA Medical Center. His work experience includes working as a Software Engineer at the Geneva University Hospital and other IT consulting companies and as the COO of a digital agency. He is today the CTO of Pixmeo.

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Our Quality Policy


Pixmeo is committed to supplying high quality products, on-time delivery and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.


We are committed to continuous improvements in our products and processes by taking a proactive approach towards quality. We are committed to maintaining a quality system that is compliant with European Medical Device Directive requirements as well as applicable regulatory requirements. We are committed to continuously adapt our technologies to protect our users and company data against security breaches and vulnerabilities.


The principal elements of our policy:

  • Product quality and performance
  • Data security
  • Commercial performance
  • Organization performance


We are committed to invest the required resources to achieve this goal. All employees, management and directors are engaged in this quality policy.


Antoine Rosset, CEO

Bernex, January 10th, 2024