Is it secure?
Yes, all communications between your computer and our servers are encrypted through Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
You have to authenticate yourself for all communications with your login and password.
You can optionally activate a two-factor authentication (with a mobile phone) for even more security.
All sensitive data are securely encrypted using state of the art algorithms.
We never transfer data to third parties.


Is my password safely used on your servers?
Yes, we use standard methods to store and validate hashed passwords (using state of the art cryptographic algorithms). Your password is never stored in clear text on our servers.


Where are your servers located?
Study Sharing servers are located in Switzerland. The files are securely stored encrypted and fully wiped out after 4 days.


Study Sharing

What are the requirements to use this service?
OsiriX MD 10.0.3 or higher is required to create a Study Share.


What does the recipient need to view a Study Share ?
To view a Study Share and its images, the recipient needs a computer with an Internet connection and a standard & modern web browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari or FireFox. It’s compatible with all operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux). It’s also compatible with mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android.


How much does it cost to share a Study via the Cloud with a recipient?
1 Study Sharing Credit.


How to buy more credits?
On your account page or on OsiriX Cloud page.


How do I know how many credits I have left?
This information is displayed in your account page and in OsiriX Cloud preferences window.


How long can the recipient view the images shared by Study Sharing?
A Study Share is available for viewing during the next 4 working days. After this period, all the data is definitively deleted from our servers.


How many Studies can be sent per Study Share?
You can share up to 3 studies of the same patient in a single Study Share.


How many images can be sent per Study Share?
A total of 2000 images can be shared in a single Study Share.


What is the size limit per Study Share ?
You can share up to 500 MB of data in a single Study Share (the images are automatically compressed in JPEG-LS). It represents up to 2000 CT images (512 × 512 matrix).


Is it possible to immediately delete a Study Share ?
Yes, as the sender, you can delete a Study Share at anytime and definitively. Sign in your account page to delete it.


Does Pixmeo or your server store informations after a Study Share is deleted ?
No, all the informations are definitively deleted. This process cannot be undone. We don’t have copies of this data.


Is it possible to share a study with several recipients?
No, a Study Share is only for one recipient, identified by their email address. If you want to share a study with several recipients, you will have to create a Study Share per recipient.


Can the recipient modify or edit the shared images and documents ?
No, a Study Share is only available as a read-only web access.


Can the recipient download the original DICOM files ?
Yes, if the recipient has OsiriX MD, they can download and store the DICOM files in their database.


How can I know if the recipient did receive and view the images ?
Log in your account page to see if the recipient has viewed your Study Share.


Does the recipient need an account to view a Study Share ?
Yes, the recipient will have to authenticate to view the images. An account is automatically created when the recipient connects for the first time (they will have to choose a password).