OsiriX Cloud makes it easy and simple for medical professionals and patients to instantly access medical images from anywhere. With OsiriX Cloud, sharing and storing medical images has never been easier.

OsiriX Cloud integrates 2 services: OsiriX Cloud Storage and Study Sharing.

OsiriX Cloud Storage

OsiriX Cloud Storage

With this service you can store your medical images directly on our secure servers. You can access them from anywhere in the world, securely. Continue to work seamlessly between your office and your home. You can share your images storage between several users and locations.

OsiriX Cloud Storage

Study Sharing

Study Sharing

Study Sharing

This service allows to instantaneously share a study with anyone in the world. You just need their email address. The recipient can instantaneously view the images directly in their web browser (example). This is also compatible with all smartphones.


Simple and Easy

Simple & Easy

Activate it instantaneously in OsiriX. These services are fully integrated in OsiriX. It doesn’t require extra software.



Share selected images, reports and cases instantly, including annotations.

Security and Performance

Security & Performance

All the communications are encrypted in HTTPS. All users must identify themselves. For even more security, you can activate two-factor authentication.

Cost and Time Saving

Cost & Time Saving

Instead of burning and sending CD/DVD to your colleagues and patients, use OsiriX Cloud. It’s faster, more secure and cheaper.

To discover more about OsiriX Cloud, read our dedicated FAQ.

How does it work ?

Study Sharing example

Study Sharing web page

Study Sharing web viewer

To discover more about OsiriX Cloud, read our dedicated FAQ.

Storage Plans


5 GB of storage

2 users

$14.99 USD / month


50 GB of storage

2 users

$49.99 USD / month


500 GB of storage

10 users

$499.99 USD / month


Custom storage

Large team

Contact us!

Study Sharing Credits

50 Study Shares

Credits for sharing 50 studies

$75 USD

200 Study Shares

Credits for sharing 200 studies

$300 USD $270 USD Save 10%

500 Study Shares

Credits for sharing 500 studies

$750 USD $637.50 USD Save 15%