OsiriX Features


  • Open & display all medical images, produced by medical equipment: CT, MRI, US, XA, RX, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, …
  • Fully DICOM File compliant. Read all syntaxes, including compressed syntaxes: JPEG, JPEG-LS, JP2K, RLE, …
  • Certified as FDA & CE medical device software, class II, for diagnostic imaging
  • No specific hardware requirement, compatible with all OS X computers
  • Multilingual interface: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Greek
  • Support multi-monitors configuration, including high resolution monitors
  • Retina screens enhanced
  • Configure hot keys for efficient workflow
  • Customizable toolbars for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Customizable preferences




  • Connect to your medical images server (PACS), and query, send & retrieve images to OsiriX
  • Fully DICOM Network protocol compliant: C-STORE SCU/SCP, C-MOVE SCU/SCP, C-GET SCU/SCP, C-FIND SCU/SCP, WADO, Worklists
  • Share images with built-in database sharing function, DICOM server mode, web server
  • Create auto-routing rules
  • Auto Query & Retrieve studies from any DICOM compatible software / server




  • Fluid zooming, rotating, panning and scrolling in large series
  • A complete set of ROI (Region-Of-Interests) tools are available to measure angles, surfaces, distances, densities, SUV, Cobb angle, volumes, …
  • Extract statistical data on 2D or 3D ROI: min, max, mean, skewness, kurtosis, histogram, s-dev, …
  • Display cross-references lines when several series are opened
  • Image fusion for reviewing PET-CT, PET-MR and SPECT-CT, including realtime 2D & 3D SUV calculation
  • Customisable hanging protocols
  • Create and display key images
  • Support Cine Loop for display realtime ultrasounds or angiography images
  • Create DICOM compliant screen captures
  • Create thick slab in realtime: MIP, Mean, MinIP
  • Ultrasound advanced calculations such as VTI, Pressure Gradient, Speed, Spectral, …
  • Support complex calculations such as Time-Intensity Enhancement curves, T2 time calculation, Cardiac
  • Ejection Fraction calculation, Growing Region tool
  • 4D support for Cardiac-CT & Cardiac-MR




  • 3D rendering tools, such as Multiplanar Reconstructions, Curved Reconstructions, 3D Volume Rendering, 3D Surface Rendering, 3D Endoscopy
  • 3D sculpting tools
  • Measure distance in 3D Volume Rendering, 3D Curved-MPR or 3D Orthogonal MultiPlanar
  • Export 3D images as STL file for 3D printers
  • Gantry tilt correction
  • 3D rigid registration
  • Create FlyThru movies in 3D Volume Rendering or 3D Surface Rendering



Database and files

  • Store an unlimited number of studies in your personal database
    (OsiriX uses a SQLite database for best performances. There is no physical limitations)
  • Create filters and albums in your database
  • Database auto-cleaning rules when your hard disk is full
  • Add comments to studies and series
  • Create, edit and share reports, stored in your database, as DICOM PDF (Microsoft Word, Pages)
  • CD/DVD Burning, fully DICOM compliant (including a cross-platform viewer)
  • Anonymise studies for research or teaching
  • DICOM Print and standard print
  • Full DICOM fields editor: change or add any DICOM fields to a study or a series
  • Export images as TIFF, JPEG or PNG files, or Quicktime, MPEG4 movies
  • Read and display DICOM PDF and DICOM SR files
  • HIS/RIS SDK (XML-RPC server, osirix URL scheme, plugins architecture)
  • Compatible with DICOM MPEG4 movies
  • Unify Patient ID
  • Convert and display RTSTRUCT Regions-Of-Interests



Documents for OsiriX MD


OsiriX Development Resources