Getting started : Tutorials

Comparing 2 Studies

  • Open a single series
  • Right-click on the corresponding thumbnail to open a second series from same study in a new window
  • References lines are displayed
  • Hold Ctrl and Alt keys pressed and double-click to display the same point on both series
  • To open 2 series of 2 comparatives studies, right-click on the thumbnail
  • Press the Ctrl key to display informations about displayed windows
  • Move the two series at the same level, and click the “Sync” button to synchronize them
  • You can now scroll both series at the same time

DICOM Query & Retrieve

  • Open the Preferenes>Location window
  • Add a new DICOM node with the parameters
  • Press the Query icon to display the Query window
  • Choose parameters for the query
  • Press the Retrieve icon to retrieve the images locally

Import Files

Import Files using drag & drop


  • Select a PET-CT study with 1 CT series and 1 PET series
  • Maintain the mouse pressed to select both thumbnail series
  • Open both series by clicking in the 2D Viewer icon
  • Select the 3D Ball ROI in the ROI menu
  • Place the ROI on the lesion
  • The max SUV is displayed for the contained volume
  • Right-click in the text box to display options
  • Add Peak Value option to display the area with the highest SUV value
  • Add Iso Contour to estimate to lesion volume

Advanced Tutorials

Copying ROIs From The PET To The CT

This video shows how to copy ROIs that where drawn on the PET series, and place them on the CT series.

3D Curved MPR

This video shows how to use the 3D Curved MPR.

Bone Removal

This video shows how to use the Bone Removal tool.

ROI Enhancement Plugin On 4D Data

This video shows how to use the ROI enhancement plugin.