The OsiriX User Manual is the complete reference for all OsiriX users

osirix-md-user-manual-2This richly illustrated manual contains the full description of all features included in OsiriX MD as well as some guidelines to use the program and integrate it in a DICOM environment.
Through more than 300 pages, the new user will learn how to use the 2D & 3D image viewers, the power user will understand how the database works and the technical user will learn the best practices to create a JPEG2000 DICOM network.


The User Manual covers the following topics:

  • The preferences
  • The database
  • The communications (DICOM, Web Portal, DICOMweb, XML-RPC, …)
  • The viewers (2D, 3D MPR, 3D Curved MPR, 3D Rendering, 2D Endoscopy, …)
  • Security


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The digital version of the User Manual is distributed as a plugin compatible for OsiriX.


Read extracts of the manual: