2017: best year ever for OsiriX

Dear Fellow Users,


2017 was extraordinary for us. Thanks to your continuous support, OsiriX is the most widely used medical image viewer in the world. And we have more exciting news for the future.

2017: best year ever for OsiriX

2017: best year ever for OsiriX (click to enlarge).


The world’s most popular medical image viewer

Who could have predicted it? After 14 years of continuous development, OsiriX saw an incredible sales growth of +50% year-to-year in 2017 (+35% in 2016). Our viewer is now trusted by more than registered 400,000 users: at least 35,000 active radiologists, 16,000 active cardiologists and 45,000 active surgeons.


High performances for demanding users

Apple loves OsiriX, and OsiriX loves the Mac. Launch OsiriX MD on the new iMac Pro for an amazing 5x performance boost!


A tool for future discoveries

On top of that, we remain a strong player in medical education and research worldwide. In fact, more than 45,000 students are training with OsiriX, and it’s been mentioned in more than 800 scientific articles.


More great news

You made 2017 great… and we’re making sure 2018 will be too! Here are three features we planned for the months to come:

  • Retina screen support for 3D Volume Rendering with full realtime rendering on iMac Pro
  • Use the lens to draw more precisely Region-Of-Interest objects
  • Store your images in the Cloud


So all in all, 2018 will definitively be exciting for you and us!


Happy New Year,