Discover why you made 2016 amazing for OsiriX

Dear Fellow Users,


Thanks to your ongoing support, 2016 was an extraordinary year for us. OsiriX is now the most widely used medical image viewer in the world – and there’s more exciting news to come.

2016: An amazing year for OsiriX

2016: An amazing year for OsiriX (click to enlarge).


The world’s most popular medical image viewer

Last year, more users said “yes” to OsiriX than ever – for an incredible 35% growth year-to-year. After 12 years of constant innovation, our viewer is now the choice of more than 300,000 registered users, including at least 26,000 active radiologists, 12,000 active cardiologists and 33,000 active surgeons.


A tool for future discoveries

On top of that, we remain a strong player in medical education and research worldwide. In fact, more than 30,000 students are training with OsiriX, and it’s been mentioned in more than 700 scientific articles.


More great news

You made 2016 great… and we’re making sure 2017 will be too! Three innovative new features are expected in the coming months:


A simplified external access to images

OsiriX will support the new DICOMweb protocol as a server and client. This will greatly simplify external and cross-enterprise access to medical images.


Reports made easier

OsiriX will integrate a word processor that includes support for speech recognition. Web 2.0 technology will enable functionality in the OsiriX Web Portal. You’ll be able to read and edit reports more easily, and to convert them automatically to PDF or DICOM-PDF.


A more versatile experience

The Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro will offer a brand new OsiriX experience. Forget your keyboard’s function keys… we’re replacing them with useful tools such as slice thickness and ROI parameters.


So all in all, 2017 will definitively be exciting for you and us!


Happy New Year,