More than a medical images viewer, OsiriX MD is a powerful diagnosis tool with a totally integrated workflow for greater efficiency. Because we know that in radiology every minute counts, OsiriX MD provides:

  • automatically display a study from your RIS, through XML-RPC integration
  • fully compliant with DICOM Standard
  • pre-fetching images to save time from any PACS
  • automatic archiving of all comments and ROIs in DICOM format to your PACS
  • auto-routing of annotated images and comments to your PACS
  • generation of key images
  • production of structured reports in DICOM PDF
  • printing of the results
  • integration with text processing software (Microsoft Word, Pages, Open Office)

OsiriX MD has been deployed in large hospitals, as the main medical imaging workstation in radiology departments, and as a reviewing workstation in care units.


More than 800 scientific articles use or cite OsiriX, as a medical imaging workstation.

OsiriX MD is used as the DICOM viewer in thousands of imaging centers.


OsiriX MD is cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for diagnostic imaging in medicine. OsiriX MD complies with European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices (CE labeled). Under this directive, it is regarded as a Class IIa product. Compliance to FDA and CE regulations are mandatory for medical use. More information.