OsiriX MD 7.5 Plugin Update

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PI-RADS Report PluginPI-RADS v2.0 Report Plugin
Easily represent and compute the PI-RADS v2.0 score, with a full graphic user interface. The score is assessed on prostate MRI. Images are obtained using a multi-parametric technique including T2 weighted images, a dynamic contrast study (DCE) and DWI. The goal of PI-RADS score is to improve diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The plugin produces a complete report, including diagrams, in high quality DICOM PDF format.
Learn more in the PI-RADS v2.0 Report Plugin User Manual.

OsiriX 7.5 New features

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Dark ModeDark Mode
Optional dark interface across all windows for optimal comfort in low light rooms.

Faster GUIFaster GUI
Upgrade from SDK 10.8 to 10.10 resulting in a faster GUI and faster database accesses.

OsiriX requires now OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10 or OS X 10.11.

Centerline & Vessel TrackingCenterline & Vessel Tracking
Easier access to the centerline & vessel tracking through an improved interface.

Web Portal: Improved UI & ThemesWeb Portal: Improved UI & Themes
Brand new web portal interface with a clean and professional look, including a choice of 15 different color themes.

Web Portal: Language ChoiceWeb Portal: Language Choice
Option to choose WebPortal language.

Web Portal: High Resolution ThumbnailsWeb Portal: High Resolution Thumbnails
Display high resolution thumbnails at study level.

Database: Improved CommentsDatabase: Improved Comments
Save usual comments and add them easily from the dropdown list in comments field (right-click).

Private DICOM Fields SupportPrivate DICOM Fields Support
Support for private DICOM fields in Meta-Data window.

DICOM Field DefinitionsDICOM Field Definitions
Easy access to a field definition, in the DICOM Standard, directly from the Meta-Data window.

DICOM Standard 2016DICOM Standard 2016
Update DICOM dictionary for DCMTK and DCM Framework to match the latest DICOM specifications.

3D Points Distance3D Points Distance
Display the distance between two 3D ROI points.

Improved ZIP SupportImproved ZIP Support
OsiriX allows now to import zipped images from a URL.

YBR Full 422 SupportYBR Full 422 Support
OsiriX now supports the YBR color encoding format.

Ellipse ROI PerimeterEllipse ROI Perimeter
Display perimeter or circumference of ellipse ROI.

Copy All ROIsCopy All ROIs
New menu item to copy all ROIs in a series.

And More…
34 improvements
7 bugs corrected
24 reproductible crashes corrected