OsiriX 8.0 New features

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Automatic Selection of Key ImagesAutomatic Selection of Key Images
OsiriX MD will automatically generate Key Images, based on the user’s behavior while reviewing studies.

ROIs and Key Images in thumbnailsROIs and Key Images in thumbnails
Series/Studies thumbnails display a special indication when containing ROIs or Key Images.

ROIs and Key Images Navigator in 2D viewerROIs and Key Images Navigator in 2D viewer
A list of thumbnails is displayed over the viewer. One-click super easy navigation through all Key and ROIs images.

Web Portal: view ROIs and Key imagesWeb Portal: view ROIs and Key images
ROIs and Key images are now rendered in Web Portal.

Automatically change ROIs colorsAutomatically change ROIs colors
When drawing multiple ROIs, each ROI will automatically be displayed in a different color.

Display RTDOSE imagesDisplay RTDOSE images
Display RTDOSE images with pixel values in Gray units, and fuse them with the CT image.

Web Portal: easier CSS customizationWeb Portal: easier CSS customization
Better organization of CSS files, resulting in an easier customization process (advanced users).

New UIDs for anonymizationNew UIDs for anonymization
Automatically generate new UIDs during anonymization.

New ShortcutsNew Shortcuts
Several new shortcuts added. For CLUT, PET/CT, ROIs, Thick slab, and more.

macOS SierramacOS Sierra
OsiriX 8.0 is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 and fully optimized for Apple’s new operating system.
OsiriX 8.0 requires OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11 or macOS Sierra 10.12.

And More…
17 bugs corrected
11 reproducible crashes corrected
24 other new features