OsiriX 8.5 New features

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DICOMwebDICOMweb Support
Support of the new DICOM standard, allowing super-simple medical communication networks over HTTP. “Say goodbye to static IPs, AE titles, and port 104”. OsiriX is ready for the future! Full support of QIDO-RS, WADO-RS, and STOW-RS.

Built-in report editorBuilt-in Report Editor
OsiriX embeds now its own built-in reports editor, based on web technologies. Creation and editing of reports are now possible directly from the Web Portal.

Touch BarTouch Bar
Get the most out of your new MacBook Pro Touch Bar and get a quick access to your most useful tools in OsiriX.

Split ScreenSplit Screen
Better use of large screens: keep OsiriX on ½ or ⅔ of the monitor, and use the rest for reporting, web browsing, etc.

New 3D Point Cross References toolNew 3D Point Cross References Tool
The new 3D Point Cross References tool allows to synchronously highlight an area on different series.

Web Portal: edit Comments and StatusWeb Portal: Edit Comments & Status
Web Portal users can now edit Studies’ Comments and Status. This ability can be granted or removed from the users management page.

View ROIs in PreviewView ROIs in Preview
The image preview area of the database window now displays the ROIs of the Series.

Live Preview for Brush ROIs filtersLive Preview for Brush ROIs filters
Preview the result of mathematical morphology filters (opening, closing, erosion, dilatation) on Brush ROIs before applying them.

OsiriX now contains 4 perfectly perceptually-uniform Color Look Up Tables (CLUTs): Inferno, Magma, Plasma and Viridis, initially designed by Stéfan van der Walt and Nathaniel Smith for matplotlib.

Thumbnails in Recent Studies MenuThumbnails in Recent Studies Menu
The “Recent Studies” Menu now displays studies thumbnails for easier navigation.

Live Previews of Viewer's SettingsLive Previews of Viewer’s Settings
Get live preview for window level/width (WL/WW), CLUT, Opacity table, Convolution Filters.

And More…
24 bugs corrected
9 reproducible crashes corrected
41 other new features