OsiriX 9.0 New Plugin

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BI-RADS Report Plugin

Spine Labeling Plugin
Easily labels each vertebrae for more precise diagnosis and rapid orientation. This improved efficiency spares you repetitive tasks and saves valuable time.
Learn more in the Spine Labeling Plugin User Manual.

OsiriX 9.0 New features

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Smart DisplaySmart Display
OsiriX automatically adjusts display to fit the image content. The image appears larger, fitting your screen size.

macOS High SierramacOS High Sierra
Safely install the latest macOS version, and enjoy the new macOS features, including the new file system: APFS.

Thick slab thickness ShortcutThick Slab
Easily and visually adapt the thickness of thicks slabs with the mouse scroll wheel.

Sync two 3D MPR viewersSynchronise 3D MPR
Navigate in two 3D MPR with the same planes, even if the original acquisition have different orientations.

Network NodesNetwork Nodes
OsiriX tests all network nodes continuously, displaying immediately if the node is active or unavailable.

New Shortcuts New Shortcuts
Several new short keys are available. These new shot keys improve efficiency and spare you repetitive tasks.

Optimised EngineOptimised Engine
The database engine has been optimised for a smoother navigation and seamless access.

HTTPS EncryptionHTTPS Encryption
DICOMweb supports all HTTPS certificate types, allowing easier and safer integration in your existing DICOMweb environment.

Time ZonesTime Zones
Each date and time fields are now associated with a time zone, allowing consistency across all time zones.

DICOM LibraryDICOM Library
The DICOM library has been updated to the latest version, with the new DICOM standard definition.

And More…
9 bugs corrected
16 reproducible crashes corrected
38 other new features