OsiriX 9.5 New features

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New Viewer for Web PortalNew Viewer for Web Portal
The Web Portal has now a brand new, lightweight, modern and fully web based DICOM Viewer. Java is not needed anymore!

New Viewer for CD/DVDNew Viewer for CD/DVD
Brand new DICOM Viewer for your CDs and DVDs. Compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. Java is not needed anymore!

New Series ScrollerNew Series Scroller
Contextual scroller with orthogonal view to navigate in series. Very handy!

Zoom ROIsZoom ROIs
Allows to locally zoom in image while drawing ROIs.

Quick toolsQuick tools
Useful tools are right there where you need them.

Retina 3DRetina 3D
Retina support added for 3D VR and 3D MIP. 3D reconstructions look sharper than ever on Retina screens.

Lock Magnifying GlassLock Magnifying Glass
The Magnifying Glass can now be turned on by pressing the shift key twice (same combination to turn off).

New option for PET Studies: compute SUL, instead of SUV.

Faster Centerline & Vessel TrackingFaster Centerline & Vessel Tracking
The centerline & vessel tracking have been completely optimized for faster computation.

New DICOM Print engine.

New ShortcutsNew Shortcuts
New shortcuts to show and hide reference lines. New shortcuts for PET-CT fusion: 0% and 100% fusion.

Full 64-bitFull 64-bit
OsiriX is now totally 64-bit including all its sub-processes!

And More…
14 bugs corrected
14 reproducible crashes corrected
33 other new features