OsiriX 10.0 New features

macOS MojavemacOS Mojave
OsiriX is fully optimized for macOS Mojave. Safely install Apple’s latest Operating System version and enjoy all its new features!

Dark ModeDark Mode
OsiriX’s Dark Mode is nicely integrated with Mojave’s Dark Mode.

Optimizations for navigation in large databases, option to lock/unlock a database, …

Improved viewers, inclusion of 3D viewer windows in a set of tiled 2D viewers.

Improved ROIs: new fixed Angle ROI, JSON export, 3D coordinates export.

Hanging ProtocolsHanging Protocols
Better Hanging Protocol for CR, RF and DX.

Improved support for small dynamic and negative pixel densities in MPR.

Web PortalWeb Portal
Improved Web Portal: better PACS-On-Demand support, customisable maximum dates interval search, Direct URL for HTML Viewer.

Improved Export functions, use of database comments fields for exported folder names.

Better performances on Network-Attached Storages (NAS).

3D Surface Rendering Viewer integration with Meshmixer.

Improved DICOM support, including indexation of new DICOM fields.

And More…
13 bugs corrected
9 reproducible crashes corrected
33 new features